Q   What is the G.E. Ski Club?

A   The G.E. Ski Club is a year-round skiing, sports and social club from Utica New York.

Q   Do I have to work at G.E. to become a member?

A   No. But you must be 21 years of age or older.

Q   What kind of skiing do you offer?

A   Downhill, cross country, and snowboarding.

Q   Do you offer other activities?

A   Yes. Bicycling, camping, canoeing, kayaking, tennis, volleyball, rollerblading, hiking, and winery touring. We also offer various parties and clambakes.

Q   I went to happy hour and no one was there?

A   Most members arrive about 6-6:30 PM.


Q  Do I need to go on an event to receive a local mountain discount. 

A  No, Many of the local mountains offer discounts to GE Ski Club members anytime. 



Q   How do I become a member?

A   Download the membership application form from the website. Print and mail to the club along with a check or bring to a general meeting.

Q   How much does membership cost?

A   It is $20 for a 1 year membership and an additional $15 for a printed and US mailed newsletter membership.

Q   Where do I get a membership application?

A   Membership applications are on the club website and in the newsletter.

Q   What is the club mailing address?

A   PO Box 327, New Hartford NY 13413

Q   Do I have to be a member to go on a trip?

A   Yes

Q   How many members are in the club?

A   About 250

Q   Where do I send my membership application and payment?

A   PO Box 327, New Hartford NY 13413 or bring to a general meeting.

Q   Why should I join the club?

A   We offer a great time skiing with good rates on ski week, weekend, and day trips. In the summer months we offer many other activities.



Q   I want to go on a trip. What should I do?

A   You must first become a member and then fill out a trip application for the trip you want to go on.

Q   Where do I get a trip application?

A   Trip applications are on the club web site and in the newsletter.

Q   Can I write one check for membership and a trip payment?

A   No. You must write separate checks for membership and trips.

Q   Do you offer cross country skiing on your weekend ski bus trips?

A   Yes. Weekend ski bus trips also provide cross country skiing. Talk to the trip chairperson for details.

Q   Where do the trips leave from?

A   Check with each trip chairperson. Cross Country trip departures are at various locations. Be sure to check with trip chairperson.

Q   I don't have a roommate for the trip?

A   Contact the trip chairperson.



Q   I can not open the newsletter?

A   Be sure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader and try to download the newsletter from the club website again.

Q   Where do I get Adobe Reader?

A   It can be downloaded from the adobe.com site.

Q   I deleted the newsletter from my computer?

A   The latest and archived newsletters can be found on the club web site.

Q   I am not getting my e-mail news updates?

A   Send an e-mail message to geskinews-subscribe@geskiclub.org or contact the webmaster.

Q   I do not want to receive the e-mail news updates?

A   Send a e-mail message to geskinews-unsubscribe@geskiclub.org or contact the webmaster.