Deals and Specials

This season's special prices

Deals will be posted as we find them

SPECIALS & DEALS - as we know at this time-subject to change*.

Gore & Whiteface - Coke Wednesdays - Non holidays- bring unopened Coke product and ski for $38. GORE- $10 off with can good till mid December

McCauley Mt - Crazy Fridays - Ski for $12 any non-holiday Friday- to end of season

GE Ski Club All season show membership card and drivers license at:

CATAMOUNT: M-F $20 Non-Holiday
GREEK PEAK: M-TH $43, F-SU $58

OAK: $28
SNOW RIDGE: $15 Weekdays $25 Weekends/Holidays



See the various ski resort websites or businesses for more details


These deals may change or expire at any time.

*Note: The club is not responsible for incorrect or expired deals.


Ski Council Days

You must be a member

Council Ski Days. Please visit the Capital District Ski Council website for the latest updates and prices.

Capital District Ski Council- Ski Days

Must show current club membership card and driver's license


Various Deals

IMPORTANT NOTES: Dates and prices are subject to change. Please check Capital District Ski Council website for changes.

Remember to bring your membership card to show at the mountain for above prices.

Only members may receive the discounts, NO friends, they must join a club.